Adults Clinic

Metiv Trauma and Crisis Treatment Center

The Metiv adult clinic, located in Jerusalem, provides treatment for those aged 17 and above.

Our clinic is open to the general public and specializes in the treatment of trauma and loss victims. We offer targeted care and recovery programs to help trauma survivors process their difficult experiences. Our main goal is to strengthen and develop the patient’s coping abilities so that s/he can return to full and productive functioning and life. All of the proposed treatments are based on the most recent research in the field of trauma.

In addition, we offer guidance and direction for the patient’s relatives, who often also suffer and who can play a key role in the recovery process.

The clinic treats about 300 patients a year and consists of a team of about 20 therapists with expertise and experience in the field of trauma and loss.

Online therapy: We also offer treatment through Zoom. 

Who do we see in our clinic?

Our clinic is designed for people dealing with difficult events, ranging from life cycle crises such as job loss and divorce, through medical traumas and accidents to other traumatic loss, sexual assault, military service and terrorist attacks.

Many of those seeking treatment contact us immediately after experiencing trauma, while others seek treatment months or years afterwards. Many of those seeking treatment feel that the traumatic event has impaired their daily coping ability and caused an ongoing crisis, functional difficulties and limitations in many areas of life, such as family, employment, and social life.

Contact our staff

 Call Us : 02-6449666

Leave a message and we will try and get back to you within 24 hours.

What are the signs that one needs help after trauma?

What they say about us

The training on trauma-focused CBT opened my eyes to a new world. In the course of the two-year training I gradually began to see that there is much I can do for many of the patients I previously felt were beyond my help. The therapeutic techniques and approaches seeped into other therapies I gave, which are not PTSD-related. I think my patients benefited from this, but I did, too, as their therapist.

Dr. Oren Tene
Senior Psychiatrist, Director of Army Veterans, Department of Psychiatry, Ichilov Tel Aviv Medical Center

After participating in the Ethiopian documentation project I really feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that I do not suffer alone. 

Participant in Ethiopian Documentary Program

Peace of Mind provided a place where I was listened to, but also a place where it was okay for me to talk about my experience – not as a hero, but as a boy who was afraid.

Avinoam, Peace of Mind participant

My life was saved twice. Once by the doctors who operated me in the hospital, following the attack at Cafe Moment in 2002. This saved my physically. But after this, I was vulnerable and above all, I was depressed. The physical wounds heal quickly, but the mental trauma takes longer to overcome, when it heals at all. The second time my life was saved was by Joel Wardi. He saved my life because he took me out of my home, he took me out of this past experience and showed me the future. Showed me how to deal with my depression and pointed me in a positive and new direction. He is the one that saved my real life, and my soul.


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