Annual CBT course

Annual Cognitive Behavioral Trauma Therapy Course

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Opening Date

11 October 2023

Last date of registaration

will be updated


Metiv Center


Biennial (two year) course including 40 sessions per year

Days & Hours

Wednesdays 13:00-17:30

Why study CBT at Metiv?


First Year: Simple Trauma

Participants will acquire the skills necessary to diagnosis and treat using cognitive exposure therapy according to the three phase model. The course will focus on treating Simple Trauma- i.e., trauma induced by exposure to a one-time traumatic event in adulthood.


Second year: Treating Complex Trauma

Complex PTSD is caused by exposure to many or prolonged traumatic events, such as captivity, prolonged battle, domestic violence or childhood abuse or neglect.

Many therapists recognize in symptoms such as difficulty trusting, self-destructive tendencies, Alexithymia (difficulty expressing emotions in words), chronic depression, and symptoms related to borderline personality disorder or dissociative symptoms. Many of these symptoms may be attributed to complex trauma and are often resistant to conventional therapy.

Pierre Janet developed the three-phase model for treating such disorders in the 1800s, and his model, which has since been adapted and revised by modern day clinicians( e.g. v.d. Hart), is now recognized as the treatment of choice for complex trauma disorders. Individuals with complex trauma often suffer from a wide range of associated disorders such as substance abuse, deficits in social skills and various anxiety disorders that need to be dealt with before the trauma is addressed, making treatment lengthier and more complex than usual. The course offers evidence based methods for treating severe personality disorders.


Course Details

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy has been recognized as the leading treatment method for individuals suffering from simple and complex trauma.

This comprehensive training program provides the theoretical framework and clinical skills to treat post traumatic disorders using state of the art, evidence based trauma treatment methods (Exposure Methods, e.g. Foa et al., Cognitive Processing Therapy, e.g. Clark, Ehlers et al.) and embeds them in a three stage treatment model (Janet, Van de Hart) that paces the different interventions so as not to overwhelm patients with painful recollections before they have learnt to regulate their arousal level. Our training emphasizes mind-body approaches and includes third wave CBT treatment modules such as mindfulness, DBT and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

The program is intended for mental health professionals who work with traumatized people or encounter people suffering from anxiety or depression, including social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, art therapists, occupational therapists, school counselors and clinical criminologists.

Teaching methods include lectures, reading and the discussion of academic papers, live demonstrations and movies, practice of learned techniques and clinical guidance on cases. These methods are effective for treating trauma as well as treating anxiety disorders, dissociative disorders, depression and a range of other disorders.

Testimonials from Course Participants

“I just completed the CBT Trauma Treatment Training Program at METIV, and want to share my experience as well as pass on the info below. The course has been extremely helpful to me as a therapist in private practice. I have gained a wealth of tools and techniques for treating clients dealing with trauma or anxiety that I did not have before, as well as a much deeper theoretical understanding of trauma. I find myself using knowledge from the course with clients all the time–my clients are the true beneficiaries of my taking this course! Learning with Gafnit Aghassy is a privilege. She is a master therapist who truly has “the touch,” and while I have learned many techniques from her, her ability to be truly present and respectful and enter into the reality of the other transcends any specific modality. The main crux of the learning is through her demonstrating different techniques and approaches on students in the class (yes, you will have to bring your real life issues), providing lots of opportunities to watch her work. We then work in pairs or small groups so everyone is both therapist and client many times over- the best kind of learning. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.”
Miriam Friedman
“I completed the METIV trauma-focused CBT training 4 years ago. Since then I have been using the different treatment approaches and techniques I acquired in the course, helping patients cope with a wide range of symptoms and disorders. I am surprised time and time again about how quickly it is possible for patients to overcome anxiety disorders and return to adaptive functioning. The approaches and conceptualizations I learned in the course help me both in short term interventions and in long term dynamically oriented treatments.”
Kathy Ish Shalom
Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice and Child Care Institutes
“A few words about the training in Trauma focused CBT at METIV. When friends ask me what I gained from the course, I tell them that it is more than simply CBT. As someone who has previously been trained by senior mental health professionals, and accumulated much therapeutic knowledge along the way, I feel that this course was unique. The manner in which it was conducted and the many live demonstrations and exercises, enabled all of us to experience the different stages of the therapeutic process and to understand it on a deep, personal level. The theoretical models and concepts became very clear and tangible as a result. The learning experience was very empowering, and gave me and my fellow student true confidence in our abilities, which ultimately benefits our patients in the long run.”
Miri Drabkin
senior educational councelor, Magen Avraham-Limudei Hashem institute for Special Education, Jerusalem.
“Every professional treating PTSD is familiar with the frustration that often accompanies these difficult treatments. As a psychiatrist leading a unit that treats dozens of war veterans, I am intimately familiar with the feeling that sometimes nothing can be done to relieve a patients’ suffering despite my intense desire to help. In this sense the METIV training on trauma focused CBT, led by Gafnit Aghassy, opened my eyes to a new world. In the course of the two year training I gradually began to see that there is much I can do for many of the patients I previously felt were beyond my help. The therapeutic techniques and approaches seeped into other therapies I give, which are not PTSD related. My patients benefited from this, and as their therapist, I did as well.”
Dr. Oren Tene
Senior Psychiatrist, Head of Army Veterans Unit, Dept. Of Psychiatry, Ichilov Tel Aviv Medical Center

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