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Metiv’s Children’s Clinic enhances resilience and emotion regulation for traumatized and at risk children and parents. It offers individual and group interventions, along with trainings for parents and professionals.
Exposure to trauma at a young age can drastically disrupt a child’s capacity in three domains of self-regulation that are crucial for healthy functioning: sensory regulation, emotion regulation, and executive functioning.
At Metiv Children’s Clinic we offer treatments tailored to each individual need. Our services include group therapy, focused and long-term individual therapy employing a variety of therapeutic approaches, as well as training workshops for professionals and institutions interested in implementing our programs in the natural environment of children (such as schools and kindergartens).
All approaches and models used at the Metiv Children’s Clinic were developed by senior mental health professionals and are based on the latest scientific research.
For further information or consultation please call our office at 02-644-9666 or send an email to

Our services

Metiv Children’s Clinic offer treatment for children up to the age of 18 who experience difficulties in emotional regulation and / or have experienced various types of trauma. Common traumatic events for children include car accidents, serious illness, loss, divorce, exposure to terrorist incidents, sexual assault and domestic violence.
Staffing the clinic is a multidisciplinary team that includes a psychologist, social workers, art therapists and more. The team members have many varied areas of expertise including treatment for severe dissociation and complex trauma in children, art therapy, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing (SE), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), as well as group therapy and in particular the Panda program for children and parents.
Cost: NIS 350 for Assessment (up to 4 meetings), NIS 280 for each treatment session

dealing with a range of emotional states as well as preventing difficulties in emotion regulations or exacerbating existing difficulties. The program combines mindfulness techniques and cognitive-behavioral techniques with an emphasis on playfulness and enjoyment.

Panda program for ages 2-4 is based on the Namal program developed by Prof. Esther Cohen and Prof. Ruthi Pat-Hornchik. The programs have been implemented in various settings such as boarding schools, foster families, therapy clubs and schools across the country.

Panda for children ages 7-12

Who is this meant for?

• Children exhibiting difficulties in emotion regulation against the background of emotion overload, attention difficulties, anxiety, or social difficulty

How do I participate in the program?

• Contact Metiv Children’s Clinic by email or by phone 02-6449666

• Fill out a questionnaire for the child. Sign the agreement and provide payment details.

• Introductory talk with Metiv children’s Clinic facilitator

• Placement of the child in a suitable group according to age. The child will participate in eight group sessions, and the parents will participate in three group sessions for parents.

 Panda for Two for children ages 2-4 and their parents

Who is this group meant for?

• Parent-toddler pairs ages 2-4 who have suffered exposed to stressful situations, crisis or trauma.

Course Content:

– Child-parent connection as a safe and secure anchor

– Independence and self confidence

– Playfulness, humor and creativity

– Mirroring actions and intentions

How do I participate in the program?

• Contact Metiv Children’s Clinic by email or by phone 02-6449666

• Fill out a questionnaire for the child. Sign the agreement and provide payment details.

• Introductory talk with Metiv children’s Clinic facilitator

• Placement in a suitable group according to the age of the child.

DBT Panda for Parents –

Who is this group meant for?

– Parents of children of all ages who want to develop an awareness of themselves and their parenting, and to acquire tools of emotional and behavioral regulation.

• Contact Metiv Children’s Clinic by email or by phone 02-6449666

• Fill out a questionnaire and provide payment details

Panda Online

In the aftermath of the recent Corona crisis, we also offer our range of services online and at a subsidized cost of NIS 60 per group meeting. For further details please contact

We offer a variety of workshops and trainings for professionals. For further information please reach out to or call us at 02-6449666

Sarit Schram-Yavin

Director of Metiv Children’s Clinic

Sarit Schram–Yavin is an educational psychologist and is the director of Metiv Children’s Clinic. Sarit is a partner in developing the PANDA program, a group intervention which aims at developing and strengthening emotion regulation in children. Sarit treats children, adolscents and parents, and gives lectures and trainings for therapists and educational teams. Sarit’s education includes a M.S.W and educational and clinical psychology, a Two year training in Cognitive behavioral treatment of trauma and a training in SE therapy.

She can be reached at

Idit Dickstein

Deputy Director and Therapist in the Children’s Clinic

Idit Dickstein is a photo-therapist and graduate of Metiv’s CBT course. Her background includes work at the special needs organization Misholim, as a spokesperson for an elders’ rights organization and for Channel 2 Television. She earned her B.A. in photography, and her license in photo-therapy. She can be reached at

Dorothy Vitan Ben Shaul

Dorothy specializes in the treatment of trauma using a combination of tools such as bibliotherapy, therapy through play, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. She works with children, adolescents and adults, and she treats individuals as well as through the dyadic (parent-child) approach.

Naomi Rochman

Naomi is a social worker, certified family therapist, clinical counselor and psychotherapist with expertise in treating children and adults who have undergone complex trauma. Naomi specializes in treatment using tools for self-regulation.

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