Current Research

Metiv’s research unit deals with understanding the complexity of trauma, resilience and post-traumatic growth as a result of traumatic events. For years, Metiv has devoted many efforts to promoting applied and relevant research on the subject of trauma in a way that is tailored for the Israeli reality and to other communities internationally. We believe that our work as researchers should be rooted in a strong theoretical foundation and should promote applied solutions, and therefore our research unit operates in close partnerships with the other treatment units at Metiv.

Our current fields of research include

Moral Injury

“Moral injury” describes the distress experienced after a person’s code of ethics or morality is violated. This distress is common in populations engaged in professions in which they are required to make moral decisions of life and death, such as those fighting in the battlefield or those working in a hospital. This study was conducted in collaboration with teams of researchers from the Departments of Psychology and Social Work at the Hebrew University, in which we perform an in-depth analysis of the experience of moral injury after military service. We hope to further expand the study to medical teams who worked in the Corona wards.

Neurofeedback and Somatic Experiencing (SE)

We at Metiv believe that trauma is an experience that affects both the mind and the body and that it is important to address both during treatment. Together with teams from the United States and Israel, we are researching new methods for treating trauma, which include elements of body processing.
Various treatments for PTSD have so far shown limited success, with psychological therapies demonstrating success in outpatient treatment for about one-third of patients. We at Metiv are at the forefront of treatment development, and over the past decade have devoted a lot of resources to exploring how to incorporate body treatment into trauma treatment, understanding that this is the missing component in many of the leading therapies. We are about to start a large research project that aims to analyze and compare two treatment methods that combine body reference (SE and EMDR) to answer the question: Is the body important when treating trauma, and why?

All our therapeutic work is under constant supervision, and is assessed with the help of many diagnostic tools in order to check and monitor the difficulties and successes of our patients.
You can read more about the center’s research areas, here – a link to past research and publications
For questions about possible collaboration with our research tea, please reach out to our director for research Anna Harwood-Gross.

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