Founding Director Of Metiv Israel Psychotrauma Center

Dr. Danny Brom is an internationally renowned expert on trauma and resilience in the face of terror and disaster.

As Director of Metiv, he has brought his expertise in trauma to the fields of education, community resilience, health and mental health care to increase the capacity of Israeli society to cope with ongoing existential threats.

Dr. Brom served as Adjunct Associate Professor at the Paul Baerwald School of Social Work at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He is former chair of the Israel Trauma Coalition and served as Director of Research for AMCHA, which provides psychosocial support for first and second generation Holocaust survivors. Internationally, he has provided trauma and resilience training and consulting to professionals and service providers in the wake of terrorism and disaster, including New York after 9/11, Haiti, Turkey, New Orleans, and Mexico.

Dr. Brom has been partner to 50 articles published in peer reviewed journals, and has co-authored seven books including Helping Children Cope with Trauma: Individual, family and Community Perspectives (2013), Treating Traumatized Children: Risk, Resilience and Recovery (2009), and The Trauma of Terrorism: Sharing Knowledge and Shared Care. An International Handbook (2005).


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