After trauma

People need people.

Our goal is to provide quality, humane and caring service to communities and individuals before, during and after trauma. To disseminate our extensive knowledge of psychological trauma through academic research and training so that others can implement this knowledge in their communities. 

Treatment at Metiv

Metiv Kids

The Center for Emotion Regulation for Children and Parents at Metiv offers children individual therapy with an emphasis on strengthening emotion regulation, group workshops for acquiring skills emotion…

Metiv for Adults

Metiv’s clinic is open to the wider public, and specializes in treatment for victims of trauma and loss. We offer targeted therapy and recovery programs in order to help trauma victims process their experiences.

Military Veterans

Peace of Mind provides time and space for IDF combat veterans to process their combat experiences in a supportive environment. The veterans emerge with strengthened emotional and mental health, allowing….

Treatment and training

Our Staff

Dr. Danny Brom

Founding Director

Idit Dickstein

Deputy Director and Therapist in the Children’s Clinic

Joel Wardi

Director of Metiv Adult Clinic

Chaim Landau

Director of Development & Partnerships

Dr. Anna Harwood-Gross

Director of Research

Sarit Schram-Yavin

Director of Metiv Children’s Clinic

Dalia Amit Zivan


Mequnante Asher Rahamim

Director of Services for the Ethiopian Community,Therapist in the Metiv clinic

Alon Weltman

Peace of Mind Manager

Gafnit Aghassy

Director of Trainings

Roni Meisels

Director, Peace of Mind

Michal Zmora


Latest Developments

A Roadmap for Trauma-Informed Care!
Metiv, the Center for Psycho-Trauma invites the audience of researchers and therapists to an integrated conference for research and psychotherapy. We would love to see you with us!
Free therapy for IDF veterans suffering from PTSD
Metiv is opening a new veteran PTSD treatment clinic in the context of its comprehensive veteran care program. The clinic will employ Somatic Experiencing therapy as part of an ongoing clinical trial.
We are opening new PANDA groups!
Sometimes, it is difficult for children to cope with their emotions. Sometimes they're going through a rough time. That's what PANDA is for!
Metiv in times of COVID 19
At this time we all experience challenges and difficulties and are adapting to constant changes. We are here to support you in this time of crisis. Join us in a variety of online therapy groups.....

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