We are opening new PANDA groups!

We are opening new PANDA groups!

Sometimes, it is difficult for children to cope with their emotions. Sometimes they’re going through a rough time. That’s what PANDA is for!
We’ve opened the registration for a new group which will help your child find healthy ways to direct, balance, cope and develop emotionally. Join our group and learn valuable tools for life, which will help your children to cope with a variey of different situations, improve their social life and balance their emotions in a healthy manner.

PANDA is a program for strengthening emotion regulation and developing coping strategies for children and is based on clinical experience as well as research about trauma and emotion regulation in children. The program focuses on acquiring tools for coping with a wide range of emotional situations as well as preventing difficulties in emotion regulation, or a worsening of existing difficulties. The program integrates mindfulness techniques and cognitive – behavioral techniques, with an emphasis on joy and playfulness.

Who is the program suited for?

7 – 12 years old children, in the second – sixth grade, who express a difficulty in emotion regulation.

What does the program include?
The program will be held online via ZOOM, and will include six group meetings for children, as well as three group meeting for the parents.

When will it happen?

Group for ages 7 – 9: will open on Wednesday, April 28th, and will include six sessions on Wednesdays between 16:00 – 17:00.

Group for ages 10 – 12: will open on Thursday, April 29th, and will include six sessions on Thursdays between 16:00 – 17:00.

The cost for participation is 80₪  for each meeting, and 720₪ total.

The number of participants in each group is limited, so hurry up and register!

For further information and registration, you can send us your contact information in this form, and we will make sure to get in touch:


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