Panda for Parents

Training for Facilitators of Panda for Parents

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Metiv Center


A two-year program that includes about 40 meetings a year

Days & Hours

Wednesdays 13:00-17:30

Training stages:

Panda for parents course, 12 academic hours

Course description:

The course is designed for therapists in the field of mental health and parenting who are interested in expanding their professional toolbox and holding Panda groups for parents.

The course includes three sessions of four academic hours, for a total of 12 academic hours. The course consists of content related to trauma, emotion regulation and parenting, an introduction to DBT skills as well as exercises in listening skills, emotion regulation, distress tolerance and interpersonal skills. During the course participants will also discuss group building methods, recruiting participants and program evaluation.

 More on Panda for Parents:

Panda for parents were developed by Sarit Scram-Yavin and Tzipora Hait within the framework of the the Panda program. It is based on the understanding that parenting can challenge our ability to cope with stress and lead to mood swings. By nature, parents deal with situations of frustration, uncertainty, helplessness and even despair. The purpose of the program is to teach practical tools for regulating emotions that can help deal with challenging parenting situations. The program is based on the dialectical-behavioral approach (DBT) and incorporates exercises from the Panda program. The behavioral dialectical approach is a research-based approach that includes practical tools that help regulate emotions, deal with stressful situations, and improves relationships with others.

Course content:

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