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Peace of Mind for IDF Combat Veterans

Every year, thousands of released Israeli combat soldiers face the difficult transition back to civilian life. Many spend months overseas as a means to discharge and mitigate the psychological impact of intense combat experiences faced during their military service. Despite the well-known image of the resilient Israeli soldier, long-term effects of veterans’ exposure to stress from combat are well documented. Veterans can suffer from a myriad of psychological difficulties ranging from difficulties in relationships, aggressiveness, sleep disturbances, substance abuse, and depression.

Peace of Mind works with 15-20 IDF veterans from a high-risk combat unit who all served together. Led by two Metiv therapists, the intervention consists of approximately 65 hours of group counselling and 12 individual sessions for those needing further care. Participants do not typically suffer from PTSD, yet are sorely in need of a place and time to process their combat experiences. The group setting allowing for greater mutual support while simultaneously de-stigmatizing mental health care.

70% of participants show significant post-traumatic growth following their participation in the program. 82% report increased self-awareness, and 66% report an increased ability to share personal experiences and emotions. Other measures include increased social support, everyday functioning, emotional regulation, decrease in depressive symptoms, better communication with their families and more.

The distance from Israel, and support of Jewish communities overseas, plays a key role in creating a safe, quiet, and supportive environment. Through hosting the veterans for the most intense phase of Peace of Mind, all the while showering the veterans with love and appreciation, Jewish communities play an active role in shaping society by promoting a healthy transition to civilian life.

American Friends of Peace of Mind is a registered 501C3 with the purpose of supporting the Metiv Israel Psychotrauma Center generally and its Peace of Mind project for IDF veterans in particular.

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These are the soldiers who give Israel peace of mind. So friends, it is our duty to help them find their peace of mind.”

Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks zt”l

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