The Israel Center for the Treatment of Psychotrauma has over 20 years of experience providing training for professionals, including subsidized training for professionals from underserved populations. We have trained more than 2000 therapists nationwide and have succeeded in creating a network of professionals to help trauma victims overcome their painful experiences.

In Jerusalem, we have held training for organizations such as BITUCH LEUMI (Social Security), mental health clinics, the welfare department of the Jerusalem municipality, the municipal educational-psychological services, children-parents centers and departments in hospitals such as Alin, Hadassah and Shaare Zedek. In addition, we have to date held 11 cycles of Somatic Experiencing workshops.

Throughout Israel, we have given courses to emergency coordinators from the Ministry of Health, to directors of mental health centers in the south, to mental health clinics staffs, to government educational-psychological services and to children-parents centers in various cities. In addition we have held series of two-year courses for trauma treatment in the Ethiopian community, for the Ichilov Psychiatry department and, in collaboration with the Jewish Agency, for therapists in the Palestinian Authority.

Internationally, we have held courses for mental health professionals in disaster struck areas such as Nepal, Haiti and New Orleans, training professionals to deal with trauma victims on an individual as well as communal (e.g. schools, community centers) basis. Yearly International summer courses on trauma treatment have been conducted in Jerusalem since 2006, organized in conjunction with the Hebrew University (Rothberg Program). Our summer course has been received with praise and enthusiasm by professionals from across the globe.

Among our instructors:

  • Prof. Danny Brom, clinical psychologist, the Center’s director
  • Ms. Gafnit Aghasy, clinical psychologist, Training director
  • Prof. Ruth Pat-Horenczyk, clinical psychologist, Research director
  • Dr. Udi Rahat, clinical psychologist
  • Ms. Galit Rosenberg, clinical and educational psychologist
  • Prof. Onno Van-der-Hart, professor for psychopathology and chronic trauma, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, word expert on dissociation
  • Guest speakers include leading professionals in Israel in the field of child abuse (Sherri Oz,) OCD (Dr. Oded ben Arouch,) Sexual       disfunctions (Dr. Danny Derby), and psychiatric treatment for PTSD (Dr. Martin Orbach, Amcha Clinical Director)