Treatment of Traumatic Memories in Patientswith Complex Dissociative Disorders
הטיפול בזיכרונות טראומתיים אצל מטופלים עם הפרעות דיסוציאטיביות מורכבות

פרופ' אונו ואן דר הארט, מאסטר בטיפול במבוגרים הסובלים מהפרעות דיסוציאטיביות, ינחה סדנא בת יומיים בתאריכים

14-15.3.18. הסדנא תתמקד בטיפול בזיכרונות טראומתיים אצל מטופלים עם הפרעות דיסוציאטיביות מורכבות.

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טראומה והתקשרות: ראיון אבחנתי והשלכות לטיפול במשפחות, פרופ׳ אנטוניה ביפלקו, ב–19 ביוני, 16–17:30 בבית חולים הרצוגToni Bifulco

Attachment theory has proved to be a very effective framework in explaining how childhood trauma, interpersonal style, parenting and vulnerability to stress and depression can be related. The implications go across generations, for example to the early life of adults in determining how they make relationships and parent, and through to their children who may be prone to the ill effects of problems in relationship style. The two different generations implicated create challenges for effective assessment and for choice of treatment.

A programme of research which examined childhood maltreatment, adult attachment style and clinical depression in London community women is described, together with its sequel examining inter-generational transmission to adolescent offspring. Childhood maltreatment was common in both generations and most attachment styles were insecure. Clinical disorder was common for half of both generations. This was mainly depression and anxiety in the mothers, but also included substance abuse and conduct disorder in the young people.

The findings of the model can be applied within a family therapy approach to treatment. A brief review of evidence for treatment effectiveness will be supplemented with some illustrations from families where the child has been referred for help, with a focus on problems in attachment style of parents with consequences for child’s behaviour and distress.

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