Trauma and Resilience: Theory and Practice from the Israeli Experience

60 hours (4 academic hours * 15 sessions)

October 14th, 2020-January 27th, 2021

Every Wednsday from 16:00-19:30 (Israel time)

*This unique program was previously held at the Rothberg International School of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, This year, due to COVID-19 the course is Online.

About the program

This program provides participants with a broad picture of the latest developments in the trauma field.  Course staff will present theory and research pertaining to the consequences of trauma, healthy coping processes and possible pathological consequences.

Students will learn about the risks of developing PTSD, related distress and potential protective factors. The class will discusse guiding principles for clinical programs treating post-traumatic disorders.

The program will include discussions of the implications of these topics in the shadow of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Staff will address topics such as medical trauma, the trauma of social distancing and financial instability.


The academic curriculum will be enriched by presentation of programs that have been implemented in Israel, which are aimed at building resilience and preventing pathological consequences of trauma.

The course will focus on five themes:

  • Trauma and COVID-19
  • Resilience: theoretical concepts and applications
  • Community preparedness for terrorism and disaster
  • Children and trauma: developmental and gender aspects
  • Clinical interventions

Target Group

Professionals and advanced students in: Clinical or Educational Psychology, Neuropsychology, Social Work, Psychiatry, Counseling, Nursing, Medicine, Law, and Public Health, as well as civil servants and clergy.

Cost: $500

Early bird registration $450 -ends at Tuesday, September 1st, 2020

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