Israeli Trauma Organizations

  • NATAL – Israel Center for Victims of Terror and War
    The center provides subsidized professional treatment for victims of terror and war, and strives to bring the matters of trauma and its treatment to wide public awareness.
  • ICSPC – The Community Stress Prevention Center
    The center was founded with the aim of providing support to the population of Israel, by creating programs designed to help communities, as well as health and social organizations, cope with emergencies.
  • AMCHA – National Israeli Center for Psychosocial Support of Survivors of the Holocaust and the Second Generation
    The center offers support groups, phone help, professional aid and home visits to those who cannot come in person. The site contains psychological resources about Holocaust-related topics and information about programming.
  • Selah (Siua l’Oleh) – Help for Immigrants
    Selah is a volunteer organization dedicated to helping new immigrants and their families. Trained volunteers and veteran immigrants offer financial, psychological and social assistance.
    Telephone: 03-7964000
  • WIZO: Hotline for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Children at Risk
    WIZO’s telephone hotline is staffed by professionally trained volunteers and operated in conjunction with the Ministry of Welfare. The hotline allows callers to remain anonymous and provides important assistance for victims in need of advice or vital assistance.
    Telephone: 1-800-220-000

Israeli Crisis Intervention Organizations

  • ERAN – Emotional First Aid by Telephone and Online
    A free and confidential service offering 24-hour emotional support both by phone and online for speakers of Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, and English.
  • SAHAREmotional First Aid Online
    A free and confidential service offering 24-hour emotional support online for speakers of Hebrew, Arabic, and English

Sexual Trauma

  • 1202: The Association of Rape Crisis Centers in Israel
    The Sexual Assault Crisis Centers provide mental and emotional support during the recovery process, and operate a 24-hour emergency hotline in Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and Amharic. The nationwide centers operate support groups for victims of rape, child abuse and incest, and offer legal consultation and assistance as well. The center is sensitive to the needs of all sectors of society and has volunteers to match the needs of their clients (for example Arabs or religious Jews/Christians/Muslims).
    Telephone: 1202 from every area code. Note that there are also separate phone numbers for specific populations (e.g., religious men).
  • Male Assault Victim Hotline
    A telephone-based help center, operated by men, providing long-term support, assistance and guidance for men and boys who experienced sexual assault. Telephone: 03-5179179.
  • Macom: Self-Help Website for Victims of Sexual Abuse
    This comprehensive site offers a wealth of information in Hebrew on all topics relating to sexual assault and harassment, as well as specific information targeted at different social and age groups. Through the site one can talk to Macom’s staff on all topics relating to sexual assault and crisis, and participate in the site’s various forums. Email:
  • YOHALAN – Advisor to the Army Chief of Staff, Women’s Issues (Hebrew)
    A division of the IDF that provides information, guidance and assistance for soldiers who experienced sexual assault or harassment, YOHALAN also offers help and counseling in filing sexual assault complaints, as well as referrals to professional help. Civilian telephone: 03-5696110. Military telephone: 0302-6110
    Please note: This center is exclusively for soldiers.
  • Assiwar – A Feminist Arabic Society for Supporting Sexual Assault Victims (Arabic)
    The organization assist assault survivors from the Arab sector and responds to their specific needs. The center operates a hotline for Arab women in distress and runs a support group for married women who have experienced sexual assault.
    Telephone: 04-8533044 Email:

Support Groups