ruthy clinicalThe word METIV means benefactor or supporter, an appropriate term for our Jerusalem-based clinic that is open to the public for victims of trauma.

Dedicated to treatment of the trauma survivor, METIV provides services through self-referral for Jerusalem area residents. Through integrated treatment and recovery programs, we help survivors process their traumatic experiences, to strengthen their coping mechanisms, to resume daily functioning, and to improve their general quality of life. METIV uses evidence-based research to inform our treatments.

Some contact METIV immediately after a traumatic event, while others contact us many years later. Yet most of our patients are in a severe ongoing crisis that has impaired their daily functioning and their coping abilities.

METIV returns all phone calls within 24 hours and all prospective patients are invited to a preliminary evaluation session where we assign a therapist and a course of treatment. Treatment is offered to adults and children alike and includes psychiatric consultation when needed.

Such treatment is frequently not covered by HMOs and our patients come to us either because various government agencies have referred them to us for treatment or because our services are affordable.

Most importantly our treatment is designed to give patients the tools they need to cope so that they can complete their course of therapy as quickly as possible and lead productive lives. METIV uses evidence-based research developed by our research unit to make a difference with the patients we serve.

METIV treats around 400 patients every year and is staffed by 20 therapists with experience in the treatment of trauma and crisis. Our services are available in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Dutch, Arabic and Amharic.