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  • Peace of Mind provided a place where I was listened to, but also a place where it was okay for me to talk about my experience – not as a hero, but as a boy who was afraid.


    Peace of Mind alumnus

  • Through the CBT Trauma Training Course I have gained a wealth of tools and techniques for treating clients dealing with trauma or anxiety, as well as a much deeper theoretical understanding of trauma. I find myself using knowledge from the course with clients all the time. My clients are the true beneficiaries of my taking this course! Gafnit Aghassy is a master therapist who truly has "the touch," and while I have learned many techniques from her, her ability to be truly present and respectful and enter into the reality of the other transcends any specific modality.

    Miriam Friedman, MSW


  • After participating in the Ethiopian documentation project I really feel that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and that I do not suffer alone.


    Participant in Ethiopian Documentary Program

  • My life was saved twice. Once by the doctors who operated me in the hospital, following the attack at Cafe Moment in 2002. This saved my physically. But after this, I was vulnerable and above all, I was depressed. The physical wounds heal quickly, but the mental trauma takes longer to overcome, when it heals at all. The second time my life was saved was by Joel Wardi. He saved my life because he took me out of my home, he took me out of this past experience and showed me the future. Showed me how to deal with my depression and pointed me in a positive and new direction. He is the one that saved my real life, and my soul.


    Survivor of 2002 Jerusalem terrorist attack