Any event can become a crisis if it is sudden, powerful or emotionally charged. An event or a change can cause a crisis if it upsets our internal equilibrium and interfere with our ability to cope. An event that may prove challenging for one person can become a crisis for someone else.

When we are able to restore a sense of order and control to our lives, the crisis state will usually pass.

Typical examples of events that may bring on a feeling of crisis include: the death of someone close to us, serious illness, relationship problems, being fired, being directly or indirectly exposed to a traumatic event such as a terror attack, traffic accident, physical or sexual attack and so on. While these events are indeed negative, it is important to note that ostensibly positive changes in life–such as marriage, birth, or moving to a new home–can also cause feelings of crisis. The same person can experience the same event at different times in their life with different degrees of intensity.

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