While these tools cannot change political realities, they can change your personal reality and help you get through the threat of terror, or other major stressors, safely. These tools are aimed at helping you become calmer, healthier and stronger.

  1. Stick to a daily routine
    Routine creates an island of security in a sea of insecurity. Maintaining routine shows you and those around you that you are strong and resilient. This is your declaration to those around you and to yourself that you are continuing to live and to hope as usual, despite the obstacles along the way.

2. Make sure you have a healthy diet, physical exercise and enough sleep
A healthy body is the basis for a healthy spirit. Maintain your health so that your body can help you deal with the situation, and not be another burden that you need to deal with.

3. Practice relaxation
Daily relaxation can help you deal with the stress and strain of everyday life. The more you practice, the more calm and balanced your body will be. This will have a direct impact on your mood and your peace of mind. Try to exercise once or twice a day, for several minutes each time.

4. Talk about your emotions with the people who are important to you
Emotions, like carpets, need to be taken out and aired occasionally. By sharing your feelings and thoughts with others you won’t have to carry this burden on your own and you will be able to gain new insights from other people. In addition, you may be surprised to know that other people are experiencing similar feelings.

5. Help others
These might be your parents, your children or friends who need a little encouragement or support. In addition, you can volunteer to work with an organization that suits you. One of the blessed results of helping others is the good feeling that this activity gives you. This way you will also be reminding yourself that you not only have the strength to deal with this situation, but also are able to help others deal with it.

6. Devote time to a hobby
Make time during the day for an activity that you enjoy doing: sports, art, music, reading or hiking, for example, in order to clear your mind. This will help remind you that even during the difficult daily grind there are moments of pleasure, which are worth continuing on for.

7. Become an expert
The worst fear is the fear of the unknown. When we know what the situation is, it becomes a lot easier for us to plan how to deal with it. Vague fears can then be replaced by definite goals. Many people find that staying up to date on the development of events through television, newspapers or the Internet is helpful. Others, however, find that following the media is draining and saps them of much needed energy. Whatever you decide, it is important to keep in mind, here too, that everything should be done in moderation.